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Professional Code Of Ethics

As a professional general contractor, we at Aardansco, Inc. hereby declare the principles and ethics that define the foundation of our company:

Client Service: We will serve the needs of our clients with openness, honesty and integrity. We will provide competent, consistent service with the interests of the client as our guiding principle.

Qualifications: We will only search out a work load for which we are qualified, guided by education, professional experience and technical competence.

Standards and Practices:
We will provide services in a manner consistent with the established and accepted standards of the construction profession, laws and regulations which govern its practice.

Fair Competition:
We will conduct our business in consideration of other bidding professional colleagues through fairness and respect.

Fair Compensation:
We will present bids that clearly establish a basis for compensation. We will be forthright in being as complete as possible within the scope of the bidding process.

Confidential Information: We will not divulge to any person, firm or company, information of a confidential nature acquired during the course of professional activities.

Conflict of Interests: We will seek to avoid any and all conflicts of interest. We will immediately acknowledge any influences which may impair our objectivity or integrity in the service to our clients.

Integrity of the Profession: We will stay informed of new thought and development in the construction process appropriate to the type and level of our overall responsibilities. We will support research and education associated with the construction profession.


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