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Frequently Asked Questions -- What To Expect!

  1. How are permits and inspections handled?    
    We take care of permitting the job and are present for all inspections. The permit and record of inspections is always available on the job site.    
  2. How are payments handled?    
  Payments will be made on a four-part draw schedule, depending on the project: for basement finishing, a 25% down payment to secure a spot on our schedule, 40% after rough inspections, another 25% following wall and ceiling texture, and the remaining 10% once the project is complete and all final inspections have been met. A similar schedule will be developed for other building or design projects.    
3. Can we leave our belongings in the space while you work?    
  You will need to clear the space of all personal belongings prior to the first day of construction. This is to provide us with adequate space to work, store tools and equipment, as well as to protect your property from dust and potential damage. We can make special arrangements for large heavy items.    
4. What is your policy on cleanliness on the job site?    
  We will leave the job site clean each day so that you can walk through the area once we’re gone for the day. Since there will be tools present and spaces that haven’t been finished, please supervise your children and pets so that they are not injured.    
5. Can we watch you work?    
  Please allow us to work steadily and efficiently through the construction process by limiting your visits to the job site to the end of the workday. We will consult with you if any issues or questions arise that need your input – and we will gladly address any questions you have about the work being done.You have invited us into your home to create a new living space for your family. Relax and know that we are providing quality work in a timely fashion to bring that dream to a reality.    
6. What if something unexpected comes up?    
  Changes are inevitable. We will not make any changes or do any extra work and charge you for them before consulting you. All changes will be approved in advance through a written change order. If you want to make changes once the contract is signed, a similar change order will be written with the appropriate charges for the change.    
7. How safe is our home while we are away?
Your home will never be left unsecured. We will always be present to receive materials and subcontractors. As homeowners ourselves, we believe in maintaining the safety of your home and your possessions.
8. What about the dust and the noise?
We will do everything we can to minimize the dust and the noise. However, some dust is inevitable. Power tools are noisy. The noise level will depend on whether the space is open to the living area of your home. If a wall or door to that space is to be eliminated, we will do that at the last possible moment, and then shield the opening to minimize dust transfer.
9. Who else will be in the house?    
  We will provide you with a list of our subcontractors. During the electrical, mechanical, plumbing and drywall phases, there may be 2-3 workers per trade in the space and they will be under our constant supervision.    
If you have additional questions you would like us to address, please send us an email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.    

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